A new simple maintenance-free, flexible, self-adhesive and self-powered Peel’n’Stick’n’Forget™ IoT device

About Us

Fleximatix is a French innovative company which is developing its unique Peel’n’Stick’n’Forget™ IoT device  in partnership with major industrial players which lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) in order to facilitate the transformation of business.

Low TCO IoT for Fleximatix means flexible, thin electronics integrated in a self-adhesive tape, where the electronics housing is the tape. These devices are self-powered using energy harvesting and embed thin and flexible energy storage devices. To install and run, just Peel’n’Stick’n’Forget™.

Fleximatix intends to produce in Europe, a new type of electronic, flexible, self-adhesive and self-powered device that significantly reduces the complexity and costs of deployment of measurement solutions and industrial IoT data collection.

Our Technology: our Peel’n’Stick’n’Forget™ IoT Device


Our innovation

A maintenance-free flexible and sticky sensors to power the digital transformation of our customers worldwide: our Peel’n’Stick’n’Forget™ sensor is:

‣ Flexible and conformable

‣ Self-adhesive

‣ Thin (<3 mm)

‣ Self-powered by energy harvesting

‣ Made using “Roll-to-roll”

‣ Proprietary long-range SubGHz mesh network protocol


Benefits of our Peel’n’Stick’n’Forget™ Sensor for Our Customers

‣ Easy-to-install (Self-adhesive and Conformable)

‣ Autonomous (Maintenance-free)

‣ Environmentally friendly


Current IoT sensors are unsuitable for the situation: too complex and too expensive

‣ The installation and configuration costs of the sensors are unsuitable for their mass deployment.

‣ Transport protocols and data collection have a heavy impact (additional invoices, technical dependency)

‣ Maintenance costs (replacement of batteries) have a heavy impact on the operating budget.


A worldwide need in all sectors

‣ All industry sectors (transport, logistics, agriculture, urban management, health) will benefit from a reduction in the complexity and costs of deploying the IoT sensors offered by Fleximatix.

Our Services


POC Projects

‣ Proof of concept development

‣ Duration from 2 to 6 months

‣ From 1 to 10 months man

Budget: 20k € to 100k


Co-Development Contract

‣ Co-development or R&D contract

‣ Duration from 6 months to 2 years

‣ From 10 to 5

Budget: 80k € to 1M €

Products and Licences

‣ Sale of sensors

‣ Development licence

‣ Licence to deploy software bricks or protocol

5 € to 50 € / pcs

Our R&D Projects

Our Tyre Project

For a blue chip tyre European manufacturer, we developed a proof-of-concept of a tyre sensor which demonstrates how easily a tyre can be equipped for real-time measurement and monitoring of in-tyre physical parameters, and quickly prepared for testing during the R&D phase.The sensor can either be powered using a primary battery for short test runs or use energy harvesting from a piezoelectric transducer or electromagnetic energy harvester.Ultimately, our tyre sensor will provide tyre manufacturers with a fast-round-trip solution to prepare the tyre for testing with real-time access to in-tyre physical parameters, lowering the cost and time needed to run those tests and providing engineers with additional data on the operating physical behaviour of the tyre.

Our Piezo Electric Sensor Project

For a blue chip Asian manufacturer of  high-functional materials for the industries, we successfully completed an analysis to identify the primary source of failure of a piezoelectric vibration sensor operating at high temperature.Subsequent to this study, our customer asked us to re-design, build and test an improved version of the piezoelectric vibration sensor.Together with our network of academic and private technology partners, we offer high value-added R&D services to our customers.

Our Diamond Lane Project

With one of our strategic partners, we are co-developing three new IoT devices for an introduction on the market in 2021.These sensors will bring to the market new easy-to-install, maintenance-free sensors and Bluetooth tags, with a rich feature set well above the Bluetooth tags and beacons currently available on the market.Two of these products also embed our proprietary sub-GHz LPWAN mesh network solution called Fleximesh™.

Our Values and Commitments

Value & Quality

ADDING VALUE to our customers business

    Governance & Ethics

    ENSURING ethical and responsible business practice

    Renewable Energy

    ACTING as a committed actor for the preservation of our planet by reducing the environmental footprint

    Recognised as an innovative company

    Always seeking top talent

    Do more than you ever thought possible. Have more impact than you ever imagined.

    Our team has been solving some of the most interesting challenges in IoTs.

    Join us as we transform the industry together.



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